Harnessing Solar Energy to power your Home or Business

Services Provided by IUI for your site


IUI is a single source provider of a turn key Solar Photovoltaic system custom-designed for your residence or business. Our services include the following:

Feasibility Assessment for your installation:
• Site analysis to assess the viability of a PV system
• Project proposal tailored for your application, including detailed estimates of potential annual electricity bill reduction, government incentives, total project cost.

Permits and Approvals for your installation:
Upon your acceptance of our proposal, IUI will:
• Prepare and submit applications for building and electrical permits,
• Prepare and submit paperwork to acquire NYSERDA incentive funding
• Design complete system, and procure system components. The components include: photovoltaic panels, IUI Sun-AC 3000 inverter, roof-mounting hardware for the panels, AC and DC disconnect switches, wiring and connectors for the array wiring to a roof termination box, and grounding devices.

Installation, inspection, and commissioning of your system:
IUI will:
• Have a complete turn-key PV system installed by a NYSERDA approved installer
• Have the system inspected by local authorities and the utility company
• Work with your utility company to install a Net Meter
• Commission the system for operation.


Financial Incentives for Solar Systems

New York State has a renewable energy incentives program administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, NYSERDA. This program was chartered to increase energy conservation awareness and promote renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, etc. NYSERDA provides incentives ($4/Watt) to the customer to help reduce the cost of such renewable systems. It also provides direct assistance to customers through the New York Energy Loan Fund. Through the Loan Fund, best available loan rates at participating banks can be reduced by 4.0% for ten years.

In addition to the above incentives on the purchase of a solar energy system, you will receive (1) a Federal tax credit of up to $2,000, and (2) a New York State tax credit of up to $5,000.

For commercial installations, there are even more incentives, such as no upper limit for the 30% Federal Tax Credit, and the 5-year depreciation allowance. These accelerate Positive Cash Flow for the PV system.

To receive these financial incentives, the Solar Electric system needs to be installed by a certified installer. IUI works directly with a certified installer with considerable experience in renewable energy installations for our turn-key projects.


Is the Solar System affordable?

The total cost of a complete solar system largely depends on the power output capacity. Actual energy generation for your specific installation will depend on many factors, such as location, orientation to sun, proximity to tall structures or trees. The State and Federal incentives and tax credits make almost all renewable energy systems affordable to average residential or commercial owner. IUI will provide you with a detailed financial analysis showing the affordability of such a system.

The best way to find out if the grid-tied solar electric system is affordable for your application is to discuss it with a reputable installer like IUI who has a proven record of building such systems.

Is the Solar System reliable?

The PV system is covered by a 5-year full warranty to the purchaser of the PV system. The warranty covers all components of the generating system against breakdown or degradation in electrical output of more than ten percent from their original rated electrical output. The warranty covers the full costs, including labor and repair or replacement of defective components or systems.

How does the system run?

The Solar Electric system is fully automated in its operation. The system will wake up by itself when the sun is out, and goes to sleep when the sun sets. The control system built into the inverter will operate the system for maximum solar energy extraction regardless of the cloud conditions. There are no maintenance items associated with the IUI solar electric system. There are no user-serviceable components. It is a totally hands-off operating system.

Dedicated electric meter on the inverter panel shows you how much solar energy has been captured by your system.

I may be interested; how do I get started?

Please fill out the attached form to give us basic data for your residence or business, along with a one-year electric consumption data available from your utility website. IUI will use this data to conduct a preliminary assessment for your site-specific solar electric system. We will then contact you to go over these results to decide on the next steps.


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