Solar Electric Systems have become affordable for Homeowners!

Recent years have seen rapid growth in the number of installations of PV on to buildings that are connected to the electricity grid. This area of demand has been stimulated in part by government subsidy programs and by green pricing policies of utilities or electricity service providers. The central driving force though comes from the desire of individuals or companies to obtain their electricity from a clean, non-polluting, renewable source for which they are prepared to pay a small premium. -

IUI is committed to the growth of clean, non-polluting, renewable energy for commercial and residential applications. We have two specific missions:

First, we have developed IUI Sun-AC 3000 inverter, which converts solar energy captured by the solar panels in the DC form into an AC form. In addition, the IUI Sun-AC 3000 functions as a system controller enabling grid-compatible, safe, and fully-automated operation of the entire solar system. We manufacture these units.

Second, IUI provides a turnkey Solar Photovoltaic system custom-designed for your residence or business. We conduct site analysis, assess viability of a solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system for your location, get all necessary approvals including NYSERDA, install a complete PV system, and have all applicable inspections for commissioning the system.


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